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About Us

Custom Tours & Travel was started by Betsy Murphy in Chesterfield, Missouri. Betsy worked as a travel agent before transitioning to the world of customized group travel packages for mature travelers. We used to work with a handful of banks before opting to open the idea up to everyone. Our first customers were a list of specific bank members, but now we expand mostly by referral. Today, we're hoping to invite others from outside our existing group to join in on our trips.

Betsy and Kathy

Dear Circle of Friends,

Our circle of friends keeps on growing and our motor coaches are filled with smiling faces. Thank you for sharing our club with your family and friends. We are much richer with wonderful memories we have made together. We are the club that sets the standard for others. As we plan our tours both far or near, we will continue to provide you the quality programs that you have come to expect and deserve. Remember, traveling with your Circle of Friends is going miles with smiles.

Betsy and Kathy